Grainne McKeown offers Thai Massage, a type of body work which originated in Asia over 2500 years ago during the time of the Buddha. It was given as therapy along with advice on herbs, diet, and meditation practice to help heal imbalances in body and mind.
Grainne McKeown
Certified Massage Therapist


Thai Massage is a floor massage where the fully dressed client lies on a mat. A well designed system of movements allows the therapist to manipulate the client without much effort. Every movement is created to support the client as well as the therapist. Silence between the therapist and the client allows the therapist to understand the client and to give the client a chance to focus on breath and sensation in order to learn about himself without distraction. To give and to receive Thai Massage is a meditative practice. At the end of a one or one and a half hour treatment, both the receiver and the therapist will feel relaxed and energized.

Each treatment is tailored to the client and his or her individual constitution and needs. Grainne uses her knowledge of trigger point therapy to address pain management, as well as her experience with herbs, diet, and Ayurveda to recommend lifestyle alterations.

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Relief from pain of arthritis, repetitive stress, or overused muscles
Improved flexibility and range of motion
Better resistance to injury
Release of toxins such as lactic acid from the body
Calmed nervous system leading to deep relaxation

Anyone who experiences stress in their lives
People with sore muscles from regular exercise or repetitive stress ie. musicians, performers, artists
Those suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis, tendonitis, lower back pain, or headaches.
Those with low energy
Yoga teachers and practitioners

Thai Massage is a two-part system combining both energy work and physical healing techniques. Gentle pressure is applied to particular spots along the energy lines of the body known as the Meridians. This stimulation releases blocked energy, which is the cause of lethargy, aches, and pains.

Thai Massage also uses gentle stretching movements, similar to light yoga asanas, which facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body as well as increases flexibility. This makes Thai massage a more interactive and engaged session than the average western massage.

By physically manipulating muscles and connective tissue, Thai Massage creates a dynamic, restorative, and healing experience of body and mind.

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Grainne McKeown was born and raised in Chicago, IL. After receiving her B.A. from Boston College, she lived as a volunteer on the Ft. Belknap Indian Reservation in Hays, Montana. Shortly after this experience she moved to Asia.

Grainne lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for three years, studying and practicing Thai Massage therapy with some of the great masters of this art. She also studied Chinese Medicine with a local doctor. Early in her stay in Thailand, she became interested in Buddhism and began receiving instruction in meditation at a forest monastery outside Chiang Mai.

She went on to study yoga and Ayurevedic medicine in India, and later spent a year in Nepal studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery and teaching yoga to local Nepalis.

After 4 years of training, Grainne recently graduated with her MA in Oriental Medicine from The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. She is now a licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine, in both acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. She maintains a clinical practice in the United States, while also spending time in Southeast Asia volunteering in loca medical clinics. Her current project is developing a non-profit to start Health Care clinics in areas of need across SE Asia.

Grainne is a certified practitioner with the
International Thai Therapists Association
, a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Grainne is currently a licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner. Please see her updated website

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Grainne McKeown
Certified Massage Therapist